Prosecution detains two lawyers for impersonating prosecutors to seize evidence of Sheikh Zayed DUI accident

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 15 Dec 2021

Egypt’s prosecution ordered on Tuesday the detention of two lawyers for four days pending investigations and the arrest of two other individuals for impersonating prosecutors to seize videos related to the recent DUI accident in Sheikh Zayed district in 6 of October City.

Egypt s Public Prosecution s headquarters in Cairo. FILE

In a statement issued late on Tuesday, the prosecution explained that one of the detained lawyers was already involved in the Friday DUI accident case by defending Karim El-Hawary — the son of renowned businessman Mahmoud El-Hawary — who was referred to the criminal court a day earlier on several charges, including manslaughter.

The defendant — who fled the scene after rear-ending a car with enough force to flip it over — was detained on Saturday, and on Sunday the prosecution ordered his detention for four days pending investigation over charges of manslaughter, driving recklessly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, exceeding the maximum speed limit, breaking road laws, and possessing cocaine for personal use.

The statement said that one of the case’s witnesses filed a complaint on Monday saying that he was visited earlier on the same day by four men claiming to be members of the prosecution, asking to inspect the CCTV cameras installed at his property which recorded the car crash that resulted in the death of four people including three minors.

The witness apparently doubted his visitors’ credibility and refused to give up the footage. He then presented two new videos to the persecution showing the impersonators entering and exiting his house, according to the prosecution.

While submitting his complaint at the prosecution’s premises, the witness identified two of the four individuals, as they were present during the ongoing investigation of the case and accordingly the prosecution ordered their arrest.

By questioning the security personnel at the witness’ residence, they confirmed his statements and added that as the group was leaving, one of the security personnel stopped them to ask about their IDs, to which one of them responded by scolding the security guard and flaunting their supposed identity.

After confronting the two lawyers with the evidence, they admitted to being present in the witness’ residence and identified the names of the two other intruders while denying having impersonated members of the Public Prosecution, the statement said.

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