Two detained for blackmailing suicide victim with fake photos

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Thursday 6 Jan 2022

The Public Prosecution ordered on Thursday the four-day detention of two young men in Gharbiya who blackmailed a 16-year-old girl with fake nude photos, prompting her to commit suicide.

General Prosecution office (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Security authorities have also arrested a teacher who allegedly mocked the teenager in front of her classmates for being “top trending” on social media hours before she took her own life.

The two young men have been accused of misusing means of communications and disclosing secrets of private life, a statement by the governorate’s prosecution said on Thursday.

Passant Khaled, a high school student, committed suicide in late December by swallowing pesticides after the fabricated images were leaked and circulated in her village.

According to family and friends, the images were created and distributed by the two defendants — who had fled their homes for fear of being arrested — after Passant had rejected the sexual advances of one of them.

The prosecution’s statement did not provide more details on the two jailed defendants, but according to news reports, one of them was a classmate of the victim and the other was a university student.

Passant’s family told investigators that she was a victim of relentless bullying in her small Nile Delta village after the images were circulated, with even one of her teachers mocking her for being “top trending” on social media.

The implicated teacher is set to be interrogated by the prosecution within the coming hours, a security source told Al-Ahram.

The chemistry and physics teacher allegedly poked fun at Passant hours before her death.

The teacher’s words made her the subject of bullying by her classmates and prompted her to leave and commit suicide, the family added.

The tragic case, which has been trending on social media, has created an uproar on social media after the suicide note left by Passant to her mother went viral.

In the suicide note, Passant pleaded with her mother to believe that the images were fake and that she was not the girl in the photos. 

The hashtag #Passant’s_rights_must_be ensured_ in Arabic was top trending in the country with thousands expressing their sympathy and solidarity with tweets and posts from across the Middle East.

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