Egyptian authorities release 10 new pretrial detainees accused of spreading false news: Lawyer

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Thursday 16 Jun 2022

Egyptian authorities released on Thursday a new group of pretrial detainees – eight men and two women – accused of “disseminating false news affecting the country's national security,” Lawyer Khaled El-Masry said.

Egyptian Public Prosecution building


The released detainees are Talal Al-Shafei, Mohamed Sayed, Ashraf Badawi, Mahmoud Zaki, Sami Nabih, Mohamed Abd El-Hakim, Omar Magdy, Fatima Swilam, Shaimaa Salem and Omar Shebl.

The prosecution charged them with publishing false news about the political and economic situation in Egypt, with the intent of disturbing public peace within the framework of the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood group, El-Masry said in a press statement.

Over the past weeks, many detainees have been released and others were pardoned after Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi ordered the reactivation of the Presidential Pardon Committee in April.

On Monday, Egyptian authorities released several journalists as well as activist Magdy Korkor, producer Moetaz Abdel-Wahab, and prominent activist and Karama Party member Hossam Mones, among others.

On 30 May, researcher and writer Ayman Abdel-Moeti, former spokesperson of the 6 April Movement Sherif El-Rubi, and two others were released.

More than 4,000 prisoners were granted presidential pardons in April and May.

In May, human rights lawyer Tarek El-Awady — a member of the Presidential Pardon Committee — said the committee is working on a list of pardon requests for 2,418 detainees and prisoners drafted by a group of human rights groups.

The restructured committee has said it will receive pardon requests through many avenues, including through the National Youth Conference website.

The committee will also receive requests through the complaints committee of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and via email to the human rights committees in both the House of the Representatives and Senate.

Pardon requests can also be submitted directly to the members of the pardon committee.

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