Cairo Tower, Mansoura Bridge suicides due to 'financial problems, distress': Prosecution

Ahram Online , Wednesday 22 Jun 2022

Egypt's public prosecution announced on Tuesday evening that two young men committed suicide - one who jumped from the 187-metre Cairo Tower and another man who drove off the Mansoura Bridge in Damietta - due to experiencing financial problems and distress.

Egyptian Public Prosecution building
Egyptian Public Prosecution building


The man who jumped off the Cairo Tower took his life after a financial crunch that led to disputes with his two brothers, the prosecution concluded after examining the victim’s body, phone, as well as surveillance cameras on site and interrogating eyewitnesses.

The victim's last moments were spelled out in two text messages he sent to two persons. In the first message he asked for an increase in his monthly pocket money, and in the second -- sent while he was at the tower -- he indicated that those were the last moments of his life, according to a statement by the prosecution.

The man headed alone to the Cairo Tower, went up to the top deck accompanied by one of the landmark's security staffers. When the latter asked him to depart the place because the visiting time was over, he jumped off the 62nd floor, the statement pointed out.

The prosecution said it took statements from two workers at the Cairo Tower, five eyewitnesses, and the victim's friends.

The prosecution added that it ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death and asked that the police investigate the incident.

In the same statement, the prosecution said the second man took his life by driving off the Mansoura Bridge in Damietta's Talkha city, northeast of Cairo, due to distress over family disputes.

The victim left a farewell message on his Facebook account indicating the presence of family disputes. 

The prosecution said it examined the victim's car and body and took the statements of four relatives and an acquaintance.

The prosecution said it ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of his death and demanded a police investigation into the incident.

It also asked the victim's family to hand over his phone to be examined. 

 The two incidents caused an immediate public uproar.

In recent years, several cases were reported of people committing suicide whether by jumping off the Cairo Tower or in front of trains, or even swallowing pesticides.

However, the World Health Organisation has listed Egypt among countries with low suicide rates.

More recently, many private and government-sponsored online campaigns have begun addressing the problem.

Online initiatives such as Takestep and Shezlong enable users to book and pay for online or phone sessions anonymously.

Also, upon dialling 02 2081 6831 or 080 0888 0700 -- the hotlines of the Ministry of Health and Population's General Secretariat of Mental Health -- callers are able to talk about their mental health issues and are then directed to the nearest suitable mental health facility.

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