The release of pretrial detainees is a boost for a constructive, positive national dialogue: NCHR

Ahram Online , Saturday 10 Sep 2022

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) said on Friday that the authorities’ successive release of pretrial detainees in recent months represents practical proof of the seriousness in implementing the National Strategy for Human Rights and removes obstacles in the way of holding a constructive and positive national dialogue.

Egypt NCHR

On Friday, the Public Prosecution ordered the release of 33 pretrial detainees, in the latest such move since President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi called for a national dialogue in April.

In a statement on Friday evening, the NCHR said that "it appreciates this positive implementation of the spirit of the law. The decison will reintegrate those released into society where they can contribute in the process of building a modern country that allows everyone to participate in public life as long as they observe the constitution and laws."

According to the General Coordinator of the National  Dialogue Diaa Rashwan, more than 700 prisoners have been freed since April, including pretrial detainees who were released by the prosecution and other prisoners who received a presidential pardon.

"The council is confident that the release of pretrial detainees will bridge the gap between people who hold different opinions on many issues, most important of which is the issue of human rights, including freedom of opinion and expression," the NCHR added.

"These release decisions, and the work of the Presidential Pardon Committee, will lay the foundations for the ‘new republic’ that is based on the rule of law and the rights of citizens ... and will make possible the implementation of the president's vision for building a country that embraces differing opinions that aim to achieve common causes," it added.

Meanwhile, the 19-member Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue continues to make preparations for the anticipated launch of the wider process.

The board is set to hold a meeting on Saturday, the sixth since it was formed in late July, to complete the process of choosing rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs for 15 subcommittees under three main political, economic and social committees.

The board will also discuss proposals submitted by some members to divide up the some of the main committees to facilitate debates, according to an announcemt by the general coordinator.

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