Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights files complaint against TV anchor for promoting violence against women

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 11 Jan 2023

Chairwoman of the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights (ECWR) Nehad Abul-Qomsan filed a complaint to public prosecution on Wednesday against television anchor Yasmine Ezz for promoting violence against women.

Yasmine Ezz
TV anchor Yasmine Ezz; Chairwoman of the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights (ECWR) Nehad Abul-Qomsan


In her daily programme, Ezz promotes violence against women through her inflammatory speech that calls on women to accept violence and degradation, said Abul-Qomsan in her complaint No. 1958/2023.

Ezz is a television anchor for MBC MASR that has recently gained fame and notoriety for her speech on gender roles in Egypt.

Ezz’s "speech also contains mockery, sarcasm, and bullying against the Egyptian family, particularly the wife and the husband," the chairwoman continued.

The anchor "takes advantage of individual cases circulated on social media to normalise domestic violence against wives, spreading ideas that destroy the Egyptian family -- the pillar of society," Abul-Qomsan stressed.

"Ezz’s speech contradicts the Egyptian constitution and laws as well as the state's approach towards achieving the basics of human rights through the [recently launched] National Strategy for Human Rights as well as Egypt’s Vision for 2030," said Abul-Qomsan, adding that Ezz's speech targets "destroying the country’s efforts to empower Egyptian women socially, politically, and economically."

Abul-Qomsan added that Ezz encourages the brother to treat his sister as a servant, "nicknaming him the 'little Pharoah.'"

She concluded her complaint by stating that Ezz’s speech crosses the boundaries from free speech to criminal behaviour under Egypt's criminal and cybercrime laws.

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