Egyptian business tycoon Safwan Thabet, son detained over terror charges released: Family

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Saturday 21 Jan 2023

Safwan Thabet, the chairman of the country’s biggest dairy and juice producer Juhayna Food Industries, and his son Seif El-Din, who were detained over terror charges, were released, the businessman’s daughter wrote on social media on Saturday.

Safwan Thabet


Thabet has been kept in pretrial detention since December 2020 for allegedly joining a terrorist group in the case 865/2020. Seif El-Din, deputy chairman of Juhayna, was then arrested in the same case in February 2021.

The business tycoon and his son faced charges of joining and financing a terrorist group to help it change the regime by force. They were also accused of aiding and abetting assaults against the army and police personnel and their institutions and of harming the economy.

“God has accepted our prayers, my father Safwan Thabet and my brother Seif El-Din Thabet are with us,” Mariam Thabet wrote.

Safwan Thabet is an engineer who also served as the chairman of the Chamber of Food Industries at Federation of Egyptian Industries.

The case 865/2020 also includes Egyptian business mogul Sayed Ragab El-Sewerky, the owner of El-Tawheed & El-Nour department stores. El-Sewerky was also arrested in December 2020 and is still behind bars.

No official statement on the freeing of Thabet and his son has been released at the time of writing.

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