Egypt’s prosecution detains 'person responsible' for Pitbull dog in mauling case

Zeinab El-Gundy , Sunday 5 Mar 2023

Egypt’s Prosecutor-General ordered on Sunday the detention of the person responsible fpr a Pitbull dog who mauled a neighbour, sending him into a coma.

Pitbull dog
File Photo: Pitbull dog. Al-Ahram


The neighbour was arrested on Saturday.

The attack took place last Sunday at an upscale compound in Giza’s Sheikh Zayed.

The Prosecution's Statement

In a statement, the prosecution said it received a complaint on 27 February from a woman accusing her neighbour of failing to control his Pitbull dog that attacked her husband, a 42-year- old bank manager, leaving him with serious injuries that led him to go into a coma.

The prosecution's statement said that the family of the victim, other neighbors in the same building and three workers in the residential compound testified that the victim and his son were on their way back home when they found that their neighbours, who live on the ground floor in the same building, had left their Pitbull dog untied in the garden and that they were terrified.

The Prosecution added that the victim went to inform the neighbors to tie the dog.

Immediately after the maid opened the door, the dog brutally attacked the victim in front of his son and almost tore his body apart.

The victim was transferred to a nearby hospital where his heart stopped while he was being prepared for an operation

He went into a coma and has been in a coma since then.

According to eyewitnesses, the dog previously attacked the victim and one of the other neighbors in the same building, but no one reported the incident.

The dog, they said, was used to attack the neighbors due to its ability to jump over its owners’ garden fence.

For his part, the owner of the dog and his maid claimed that the  victim provoked the dog by attacking it first.

Their statements were contradicted by the testimony of the victim’s son.

The Prosecution added that the police investigation confirmed the incident and that accordingly it issued orders to detain the dog’s owner pending  investigations.

The incident goes viral

The incident went viral after the family and friends of the victim, 42-year-old Mohamed Moheb, went public on Facebook complaining about what happened to him, especially after the owners of the dog turned out to be a famous TV chef and her husband.

The name of the famous TV chef has been trending for the past three days on Twitter and Facebook in Arabic.

Her Facebook account, videos and Instagram were flooded with angry comments and angry reactions.

The critical medical state of the victim

The medical report of Moheb, issued by Dar El-Fouad hospital and shared by his wife Eman Abdel-Mohsen after the attack, says that the 42-year-old suffered a lacerated cut wound in his right arm and forearm, muscle cuts, and a cut in the radial nerve that led to paralysis of the extensor muscles of the wrists and fingers.

The report also stated that he had abrasions and bruises on his chest and right thigh.

The agony of the family continued after the doctors decided he needed to undergo a repair operation for the muscles, tendons, and nerves in order to save what could be saved.

On 27 February, Mohamed Moheb was taken into the operating room and as soon as he was anaesthetized, his heart stopped for unknown reasons and remained that way for 30 minutes.

The bank manager remains in a coma to date according to his wife, who asked the public to pray for him till his condition stabilises and they are able to take all the required legal actions in their case.

Calls for laws that ban Pitbulls

Apart from the considerable sympathy and support that so many people showed the Mohebs online, the incident raised questions about the safety of owning pets in residential buildings and the need for stricter regulations on pet ownership in Egypt, especially when it comes to owning Pitbull dogs.

Several countries like the UK, Brazil and Australia have special legislation that ranges from banning to restricting the ownership of Pitbulls.

There are currently calls for similar legislation to ban the import of Pitbulls to Egypt.

According to laws that regulate ownership of dogs and dangerous animals, it is prohibited to accompany any dangerous animal in public places, and the owner of dangerous animals is obliged to take all the necessary precautions and measures to ensure that they do not escape.

According to Article 244 of the Penal Code, if any animal causes harm to another person as a result of the negligence of its owner, its owner is punished by one-year imprisonment and a fine of EGP 200 or one of them, and a fine of up to EGP 300 thousand in the event of causing a permanent disability to the victim.


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