"Alexandria Massacre" killer sentenced to death for murdering his family

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Saturday 6 May 2023

In a case that shook the nation, an Egyptian man received a death sentence for the murder of seven family members in Alexandria in what became known as the "Alexandria Massacre."

File photo: Alexandria Court
File photo: Alexandria Court


The court’s decision follows the Grand Mufti’s legal opinion.  

In April, the Alexandria Criminal court sought the opinion of Egypt's Grand Mufti on the preliminary death sentence passed down on the 40-year-old low-ranking policeman who had killed seven family members in early March, including his wife and three of their children.

The Prosecutor General Hamada El-Sawy ordered the referral of the defendant to the criminal court on charges of intentionally killing seven family members as well as attempting to kill his fourth son. 

In March, preliminary investigations revealed that the man had gone to the house of his inlaws in the Abu Soliman area to reconcile with his wife after their separation.

But the attempts at conciliation between the man and his wife failed after the wife refused to return with him.

As a result, he resorted to violence, shooting dead his wife, inlaws, and children, aged two, three, four, and seven.

His fourth son was also shot and critically injured but managed to escape.

However, he later died during the investigation after making a statement to the police.

The Alexandria Criminal Court handed down the death sentence given the defendant’s intentional and premeditated actions that are documented in the case files and corroborated by a mass of evidence that includes his confession, the testimony of 13 witnesses, forensic reports, reports from the General Administration of Criminal Evidence, and weapon, bullets and shells analysis. 


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