Egyptian police arrests 4 over killing of Yemeni general in Giza

Ahram Online , Monday 19 Feb 2024

The Ministry of Interior announced on Monday the arrest of four people, including two women, for the killing of Yemeni General Hassan Bin Jalal Al-Obaidi at his home in Giza’s densely populated Faisal district.

Egypt s Interior Ministry
File photo of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior headquarters


According to the statement, the accused confessed to committing the crime. They said they intended to steal the money and personal belongings of the Yemeni general.

Additionally, a fifth woman was arrested for concealing some of the stolen items.

The Public Prosecution has taken over the investigation.

According to the statement, the defendants said they slipped sleeping pills into the victim's drink while he was hosting some of them at his residence. This allowed them to let the rest of the defendants into his apartment.

When the victim resisted, the defendants threatened him with a knife, assaulted him, tied him up, and threw him to the ground, killing him, according to the ministry. 

The ministry statement did not specify the exact cause of death. 

The general’s body was found in his home earlier this week.

The defendants seized money in local and foreign currencies, along with personal belongings. Additionally, they took a rented car located near his residence, which they fled, according to the statement.

With the confession, the authorities recovered all the stolen items, the rented car, the knife used in the incident, a cartridge case, and a number of bullets in the possession of one of the defendants.

According to a statement issued by the Yemeni embassy in Cairo on Sunday, General Al-Obaidi was the director of the Military Manufacturing Department at the Ministry of Defence.

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