Egyptian nationals in Ukraine can return home through Romania, Poland: Embassy

Ahram Online , Friday 25 Feb 2022

Egyptian citizens in Ukraine’s southern city of Odessa can return to Egypt through Romania, while those in western Ukrainian cities should head to the Polish border, the Egyptian embassy in Kyiv said on Friday.

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However, the embassy advised citizens in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv or eastern cities to stay at home or in shelters currently.

Hundreds of Egyptian expats living or studying in Ukraine are waiting to be evacuated from the country soon, Ali Farouk, the head of Egyptian community in Ukraine, said in an interview with Ahram Online on Thursday.

Around 6,000 Egyptian nationals live in Ukraine, with the majority being students, Khaled Mohamed, the head of the Youth Committee of the Egyptian Community in Ukraine, said in a phone interview with TEN TV satellite channel on Wednesday.

Egyptian nationals in Ukraine’s southern city of Odessa can now head to Isaccea town in Romania and travel back to Egypt after entering Romania, the Egyptian embassy said on Friday.

The embassy said Egyptians in Ukraine can contact the embassy at +40726164978 in case they face any trouble on the Romanian borders.

Egyptian nationals in western Ukraine can head to the Polish borders, the embassy said, affirming that Polish authorities are allowing people of different nationalities to enter the country and return to their homelands within 15 days.

The embassy urged Egyptians facing any trouble on the Ukrainian-Polish borders to contact the embassy via +48511538378.

However, Egyptian nationals in Kyiv should not risk leaving amid the ongoing fighting around the city, the embassy said, ordering them to stay at home until the situation stabilises.

Egyptian nationals in the eastern city of Kharkiv, which is one of the hot zones witnessing military actions, and other eastern cities should also continue to stay at home or in shelters, the embassy said, adding that negotiations are underway to secure a safe exit for them.

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday from the north, east and south, launching air and land attacks.

The armed conflict has killed 137 Ukrainian civilians and military personnel so far, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, as Russians reportedly took full control of vital parts of the country and are battling Ukrainian forces 30-50 kilometres from Kyiv.

Thousands of Ukrainian citizens have fled to neighbouring European countries, including Romania, which lies southwest of Ukraine.

There has been no reported casualties among Egyptian nationals in Ukraine since the Russian invasion started.

Egypt has affirmed on Thursday evening the importance of upholding dialogue and diplomatic solutions, as well as endeavours that would hasten a political settlement to the Ukrainian crisis, according to a statement by the foreign ministry.

In a separate statement, the ministry said the Egyptian embassy in Kyiv was following closely the latest developments to the Egyptian community currently in Ukraine and shared the mobile numbers of diplomats in the embassy, including the mobile number of Ambassador Ayman El-Gamal (+380932165877).

The embassy can also be reached at: +380732009984 and +380634779436.

On Thursday, Egypt's Ministry of Tourism asserted that all tourists from countries affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine are welcome to continue with their stay at Egyptian hotels until their safe return to their countries.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised fears that the armed conflict will impact the flow of Egyptian imports of wheat from both Russia and Ukraine.

Egypt relies heavily on wheat imports from the two countries, importing around 50 percent of its wheat needs from Russia and 30 percent from Ukraine. the two countries

Cairo fears that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will also impact the flow of tourists from the two countries to Egypt and put upward pressure on the price of wheat and other strategic commodities that the country relies on.

The Egyptian government has vowed to work on diversifying the sources of wheat imports to include other countries rather than Russia and Ukraine.

The government said it will also look for new tourism markets, as Russian and Ukrainian tourists made up a large share of tourists to Egypt. Tourism is a major source of income and foreign currency to Egypt.

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