Egypt to repatriate nationals who fled Ukraine to Slovakia in coming days

Ahram Online , Sunday 6 Mar 2022

Egypt will send an aircraft in the coming days to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava to repatriate nationals who crossed the borders from Ukraine to Slovakia following the Russian invasion, the Egyptian Embassy in Kyiv announced on Sunday.

Air Cairo
Air Cairo repatriates nationals from Romania on 1 March, 2022. Ministry of Emigration and Expatriates Affairs.

Egyptians who are currently in Slovakia and wish to return to the homeland onboard of the expected flight but have so far not contacted the Egyptian Embassy in Bratislava need to submit their information through the emergency number +421907697619, the embassy added.

The Egyptian Embassy in Kyiv also asked citizens who lost their passports to contact the same number.

In late February, Egyptian authorities reached an agreement with the Slovak authorities to allow Egyptians to enter Slovakia from Ukraine without a visa.

Following that agreement, the Egyptian Embassy in Kyiv asked Egyptians living near the Slovak-Ukrainian borders to email copies of their passports to the embassy to facilitate their entry to Slovakia.

Slovak authorities say the 5.5-million country has received more than 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

Egypt repatriates nationals

In the last several days, hundreds of the 6,000 Egyptians, including many students, who lived in Ukraine before the invasion have arrived in the European countries that lie west of country in an effort coordinated by the Egyptian Ministries of Emigration and Expatriate Affairs and Foreign Affairs. 

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine 11 days ago, the emigration and expatriates affairs ministry has been working round the clock to coordinate with the Ukrainian authorities to facilitate the exit of Egyptian nationals from the country.

In the past several days, Mona Makram, the minister of emigration and expatriates affairs, held more than one meeting via video conference with Egyptian expat community in Ukraine to coordinate exit strategies.

The ministry has also coordinated with several other of Ukraine's neighbours - Poland, Romania, and Hungary - to secure measures to facilitate the entry of Egyptian nationals exiting Ukraine into these countries and safe passage home

In parallel, the Egyptian Embassy in Kyiv has also been working round the clock in issuing safety directives and planning exit routes for nationals who are trying to flee the war.

On Tuesday evening, Air Cairo flew back from Bucharest 175 Egyptian students who had fled from Ukraine into Romania.

On Thursday, Egypt announced the launch of an air bridge to repatriate expats who crossed the borders from Ukraine to neighbouring countries.

Egyptian authorities started to send two daily flights to Hungary starting Saturday through Friday to repatriate citizens, Egypt’s Embassy in Budapest said.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced more than a million Ukrainians and thousands of nationals of various countries to flee the country.

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