Egypt condemns acts of violence after attack kills five civilians in Tel Aviv

Mohamed Hatem, Wednesday 30 Mar 2022

“Egypt condemns all acts of violence and terrorism targeting civilians,” Ahmed Hafez — the official spokesperson for the foreign ministry — said in a statement on Wednesday.

Israeli emergency personnel evacuate a woman from the scene of a shooting attack on March 29, 2022 i
Israeli emergency personnel evacuate a woman from the scene of a shooting attack on March 29, 2022 in Bnei Brak. AP

The statement comes after a Palestinian gunman went on a rampage on Tuesday night, killing five people east of Tel Aviv before being fatally shot.

Israeli police forces said the attack took place at two locations, apparently by a gunman riding a motorcycle.

The attack took place two days after a shooting in the city of Hadera that left two police officers dead, and a week after a series of stabbing incidents in the southern city of Beersheba in which four people were killed.

The militant Islamic State group claimed responsibility for both attacks in the past week, in which the assailants were killed.

Egypt condemns any act of violence or terrorism, Hafez said, warning against the consequences of any escalation on both sides.

“It will only add to the climate of congestion and frustration and further aggravate the situation,” he added.

Only one day before the attack on Tuesday, a summit was held in Negev desert between the foreign ministers of Israel, the US, Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco under the pretence of reducing tensions between Israel and Palestine in their decades-old conflict.

Egypt has been striving for years to encourage both the Palestinian and Israeli sides to reach the necessary accommodation and compromise that can facilitate an end to the conflict, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry affirmed in Negev on Monday.

Within this context, Shourky warned against practices of extra-regional interference in the affairs of other countries and highlighted the importance of facing terrorism and extremist thought from its roots.

“On every occasion, we have condemned any acts of violence, terrorism, and incitement, and believe it is our role as members of the international community and also as Arab states — where there are a Muslim majority — to address the religious narrative and to confront terrorism and extremism and thereby provide peace and security for our region,” Shoukry said.

“We believe we have the resources and ability to meet these challenges with the help of our partners in the US, and we will continue to seek areas of cooperation that provide for the protection of our national security interests within a peaceful and cooperative framework,” he added.

The FM also stressed the need to avoid any unilateral decisions that “might agitate the current situation and have an impact on tranquillity during this very sensitive and important time.”

The summit came amid Israeli and some Arab countries’ concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear programme and interference in internal Arab affairs across the region.

However, the most recent shootings have raised concerns about stability in the region, shooting down any efforts at the summit to resolve the 75-year-old conflict that erupted in 1947.

Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq have held high-level meetings over the past year to review means of resuming the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, including a summit between the leaders of the three countries in Iraq last June.

Egypt, which brokered a ceasefire in May between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza to end 11 days of Israeli aggression on the enclave also hosted a summit with Jordan and Palestine in September to discuss the revival of the long-frozen talks.

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