Egyptian civil society delegation in Sudan to launch deeper dialogue between the two peoples

Ahram Online , Tuesday 10 May 2022

A delegation of prominent Egyptian civil society figures traveled to Khartoum on Tuesday to launch an Egyptian-Sudanese dialogue in order to deepen bilateral relations between the two peoples, especially amid the current global economic challenges resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Egyptian delegation


The three-day visit is scheduled to include meetings with representatives of Sudanese civil society groups and political fronts.

The visit comes as Sudan, the region and the world are going through exceptional conditions that requires quick action to initiate "a constructive and mature dialogue with the components of Sudanese society," the Egyptian delegation said in a statement.

"The Egyptian-Sudanese ties should – from now on – be based on new foundations that prioritise a rational view of the future and a vision of major challenges instead," the statement added.

The dialogue should also be based on new outlines in light of the global developments that push for reformulating ideas and building regional alliances and cross-border blocs in order to achieve the common interests of the peoples who suffer from the impact of the major global crisis between Russia and Ukraine, noted the delegation.

The recent crisis, the Egyptian delegation said, showed "the fragility and unfairness" of the international system when it comes to issues of economic security, protection of the financial system of countries, and food security.

These challenges are driving Egypt and Sudan to formulate a common vision and implement decisions that are in the interest of the peoples of the two countries, the delegation said.

The Egyptian delegation includes former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed El-Orabi; former Assistant Foreign Minister Badr El-Din Zayed; MP Sayed Fleifel; and Nevine Mossaad, a member of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) .

The delegation also includes veteran journalist Ezzat Ibrahim, spokesperson of the NCHR and editor-in-chief of Egypt's newspaper Al-Ahram Weekly and news website Ahram Online; Sameh Fawzy, the Deputy Director of the Library of Alexandria; and media expert Yasser Abdel-Aziz along with other public figures.

The Egyptian delegation voiced its hope that the visit will produce a serious agenda for dialogue between the two countries addressing major changes in the world.

The desired dialogue, added the statement, can not only be between politicians in the two countries but should also include all components of civil society, the financial and business community, industrialists, economists, intellectuals, academics and media professionals.

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