UN rights commissioner statements 'unacceptable interference' in domestic affairs: Egypt's Judges Club

Ahram Online , Thursday 10 Nov 2022

Egyptian Judges' Club - under Chancellor Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen – criticised statements made by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on cases pending before Egyptian courts and the sentences issued as "unacceptable interference in domestic affairs."

Judges  Club
Chancellor Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen, the president of the Egyptian Judges' Club


In an official statement issued on Wednesday, the Judges Club said it " has followed with sorrow the statements made by the UN high commissioner for human rights regarding cases pending before the Egyptian courts and the verdicts delivered in them, which claimed that there are a number of prisoners who were not given fair trials."

"These statements relied on baseless information which were derived from sources that spread rumours intentionally to attempt to transgress on our national laws and interfere in our domestic affairs," the club said. 

Earlier on Wednesday, Egyptian MPs and major political parties teamed up to criticise what they called the politicisation of the agenda of human rights during the COP 27 climate change summit which is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The MPs criticism of politicisation came in response to statements released by some members of the UN Human Rights Council in which the members raised concerns about the treatment of jailed activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah who is serving a five-year sentence in a criminal case.

The Judges Club's statement asserted that the "[UN human rights commissioner's] statements amount to an infringement of the guarantees for the independence of the judiciary which are stipulated in international charters and a flagrant interference in the work of the independent Egyptian judiciary which has never accepted throughout its history any domestic or international interference."

"The judges club expresses its disappointment that such statements were made by the representative of this organisation," the statement added.

"The Egyptian judiciary understands well the difference between what is considered freedom of opinion and expression and what is considered a crime punishable by law," it stressed.

"The record of the verdicts issued by the Egyptian judiciary is rich with verdicts that protect the practicing of rights and freedoms within the framework of  preserving high morals and safeguarding societal safety and principles without excesses."

In conclusion, the club "called on all foreign and domestic organisations to abide by international charters and judicial traditions, urging them to steer away from misleading information and respect judicial and prosecutorial decisions to protect the judiciary and its independence."

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