Baghdad II Conference affirms support to Iraq in face of challenges: Final communique

MENA , Ahram Online , Tuesday 20 Dec 2022

Regional powers and participants at the second edition of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership held in Jordan underscored their solidarity with Iraq in the face of all challenges, including terrorism, over which Baghdad has achieved a historic victory, the conference’s final communique read on Tuesday.

Baghdad Conference
A group photo of leaders during the second Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, at the Dead Sea, Jordan, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022. AP


Leaders and representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Iran, Bahrain, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait participated in the conference held on Tuesday at the Dead Sea to provide support to Iraq.

Alongside regional powers, the conference included France, European Union, United Nations, the League of Arab States, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The leaders stressed the importance of holding a third round of the conference that was launched through an Iraqi-French organization, agreeing to hold it next year on a date and in a location to be determined through further consultations.

The participants reaffirmed the continuation of efforts to build on the outcomes of the first round of the Baghdad Conference and to step up cooperation with Iraq in support of its security, stability, and sovereignty, as well as its democratic and constitutional processes.

Meanwhile, they stressed their condemnation of extremism and terrorism in all its forms and renewed their support for Iraq in its efforts to develop its constitutional democratic process and consolidate the rule of law and good governance,

They also affirmed support to the Iraqi efforts to build institutions capable of proceeding on the path towards further progress and reconstruction, safeguarding achievements and meeting the aspirations of its people.

Moreover, the participants stressed their support for Iraq’s efforts for achieving comprehensive development and affirmed working with the sisterly country to build economic integration through cooperation in many sectors, including energy, water, electric connectivity, food and health security, transportation, infrastructure, and climate action.

They also highlighted the importance of the trilateral cooperation framework grouping Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq, and the joint economic projects agreed on through this mechanism, including electric connectivity projects, it said.

The participants stressed the importance of joint projects between members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Iraq in the fields of electric connectivity and transportation, as well as other regional projects that contribute to economic integration and development.

In addition, they stressed that holding the conference in its second round underlines keenness on supporting Iraq’s central role in expanding regional economic cooperation and building bridges of dialogue to end tensions and establish regional relations of mutual benefits.

The participants reasserted that achieving economic development and succeeding in regional cooperation projects require building constructive regional ties on the basis of good neighborliness and non-intervention in the internal affairs of states.

They also stressed the need for respecting international law, cooperating in maintaining security and stability, countering terrorism, and achieving prosperity.

The conference reviewed the ramifications of regional and international crises on Iraq and the region, stressing that overcoming these crises requires comprehensive regional cooperation.

Participants also called for serious and efficient economic and political approaches that serve mutual interests, support the development process in Iraq, and contribute to regional development.

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