President Sisi says Egypt does not accept insults against our Arab brethren

Ahram Online , Thursday 9 Feb 2023

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Thursday that Egypt values its good relations with our Arab brethren and does not accept insults against them or attempts to sow discord with them, stressing "we should not forget how our brethren have stood with us."



"Our relations are very well-guided and balanced with everyone, especially with our brethren," the president stressed in comments during the opening ceremony of the second stage of the Silo Foods Industries city in Sadat City in Menoufiya governorate.

The president's firm remarks come amid a recent back-and-forth between various media figures in Egypt and Saudi Arabia on alleged tensions between the two countries.

He pointedly criticised how "some social media platforms or some articles talk about our relations with our brethren in the the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

“I have noticed excessive enthusiasm, or should I say transgressions, on social media platforms towards our brethren on issues that have no basis in reality."

“We must be careful not to listen to these sites that aim to cause discord with our brethren. They should either say something good or we should remain silent," he said.

"I stress here that we should not forget how our brethren have stood with us," the president reminded.

“Although we do not interfere with our media, people should be writing to strenghten our relations with our brethren. They should either say something good or just remain silent," he stressed.

“It is not appropriate at all to use abusive language or say unfounded things, even if, hypothetically speaking, there were a dispute,” the president said.

He asserted the state's keenness to maintain good foreign relations with all parties.

“Egypt has been on good terms with all parties since I took office.”

"Egypt's policy is balanced and moderate with all parties inside and outside the country," he said.

“During the past years, even during major crises, we did not use inappropriate language towards anyone - including amid the GERD dispute with t-  because we know that we will move past these crises eventually."

"Any official stance will be announced through official channels, and if there is no statement then everything is normal," the president said, addressing journalists.

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