Egyptian woman found dead under rubble in Hatay, Turkey: Foreign ministry

Ahram Online , Saturday 18 Feb 2023

The body of an Egyptian woman was found in the earthquake-ravaged Iskenderun district of the Turkish province of Hatay, nearly two weeks after the deadly incident shook the country, according to a statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Egypt foreign ministry
File Photo: Egypt foreign ministry. Al-Ahram


A search and rescue team found the victim's body and transferred it to a nearby local hospital, the statement added.

The ministry said the Egyptian embassy in Ankara is coordinating with the authorities in Turkey to complete issuing of the death certificate and burial permit.

The ministry expressed its regrets for the painful news, extending its sincere condolences and sympathy to the victim's family.

It also affirmed that it will continue to follow up on the status of the Egyptians impacted by the deadly quake.

The latest discovery brings the total number of Egyptians killed in the quake in Turkey to three, icluding two members of the same family who were previously identified.

The devastating 7.8 magnitude quake that struck Turkey and neighbouring Syria on 6 February has left over 43,000 dead in both countries and hundreds of thousands of survivors homeless and forced to live in makeshift tents in freezing temperatures.

A day after the earthquake, Egypt sent five military planes – two to Turkey and three to Syria – carrying emergency medical aid in order to contribute to relief efforts.

On Wednesday, Egypt's Tahya Masr Fund announced that it had designated a bank account at all state-owned banks to receive donations from inside and outside Egypt to send basic goods and pharmaceutical supplies to the victims of the earthquake.

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