Int'l community must cooperate to confront spread of terrorist ideas: Shoukry in G20 meeting

MENA , Thursday 2 Mar 2023

The international community must cooperate to confront terrorism and the spread of terrorist and extremist ideas, announced Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Thursday during a G20 Foreign Ministers meeting in New Delhi, India.

Sameh Shoukry in his speech at G20 Foreign Ministers meeting


Shoukry’s remarks came in the context of his reviewing of Egypt’s vision on combating terrorism in a G20 session devoted to dealing with anti-terrorism issues and to providing humanitarian aid and relief in disaster cases, according to the official Spokesperson for Egypt’s Ministry of Affairs Ahmed Abu Zeid.

It is important to cement a legally binding international agreement – within the UN framework – to criminalize the use of information and communication technology for the purpose of committing crimes, the foreign minister stressed.

Such a treaty will enhance efforts to combat cybercrimes, Shoukry confirmed.

In terms of natural disasters, another topic discussed at the meeting, Shoukry affirmed that it is the responsibility of the international community to alleviate the human suffering resulting from those disasters.

Alleviating suffering, he said, involves addressing the loss of life, material losses and the influx of displaced people.

He referred to his visits to Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit the two countries on 6 February.

Finally, the foreign minister also addressed challenges faced by environmental systems around the world due to severe weather conditions.

These include rising sea levels, desertification and water scarcity.

He also spoke of the repercussions of such phenomena on efforts to achieve security, stability and development.

Shoukry is attending the G20 meeting upon an extended invitation from India – the president of the group in 2023.

In October 2022, India invited Egypt to participate as a guest country in the G20 meetings.

Ambassador Ragy El-Etreby, assistant minister of foreign affairs for international and regional multilateral economic affairs, represented President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi at the yearlong meetings.

During a meeting of G20 foreign ministers in New Delhi earlier in the day, Shoukry stressed that the multilateral international community currently faces intertwining issues such as climate change, debt, and inflation in prices of food and energy, according to Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid.

He also highlighted the increase in the prices of food as well as the shortage crises, particularly in Africa and Egypt.

Egypt is willing to cooperate with the international community and G20 to host a supply and storage grain center as this will contribute to higher food provision, reduce shortages, stabilise prices, and decrease supply chain disruption, he stressed

The survival of the international community amidst current geopolitical problems hinges on several factors one of which is expanding representation for global decision makers through the UN Security Council, Shoukry further announced.

Furthermore, Shoukry stressed that the international economic structure must be strengthened to support developing countries in weathering the economic fluctuations and achieving 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Egyptian top diplomat also urged the members of G20 to support expanding the engagement of multilateral development banks in combating poverty and supporting SDGs.


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