Egypt’s FM urges against foreign interference in Sudan conflict

Amr Kandil , Monday 17 Apr 2023

Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has stressed on Monday, in phone calls with his French, Djiboutian, and South Sudanese counterparts, the need for foreign parties to refrain from any interference in the Sudanese conflict so as not to exacerbate its severity.

Sameh Shoukry
Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shoukry


Shoukry also made a phone call with Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan, during which they agreed on the necessity of exerting all possible efforts to preserve the stability and integrity of the Sudanese state and ensure the safety of its people.

In his phone call with the Saudi FM, Shoukry reaffirmed Egypt’s insistence that both parties to the conflict in Sudan resort to wisdom and reason, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Such an appeal to reason should lead to an immediate ceasefire that helps stop the bloodshed of the Sudanese people and protect their resources, the Egyptian FM stressed.

Shoukry and Prince Faisal agreed to continue their consultations over the coming days as they follow up on the developments of the crisis and efforts to contain it.

Separately, Shoukry and French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna agreed on the need to work to reach a ceasefire between the two sides as soon as possible and resolve the disputes through negotiations.

Both ministers agreed that these efforts aim to end the bloodshed in Sudan and set Sudan back on the peaceful political track.

During the phone call, Shoukry highlighted the need for foreign parties to refrain from interference in the Sudanese conflict in order to restore Sudan’s stability and security as soon as possible.

Shoukry also discussed the developments in Sudan with both his Djiboutian counterpart Mahmoud Ali Youssouf and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in South Sudan Deng Dau, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The top Egyptian diplomat also stressed to both ministers the importance of dealing with the ongoing conflict as an internal affair and urged against any foreign interferences that could exacerbate the situation, according to the ministry.

The ministry further added that the Djiboutian and South Sudanese diplomats shared the same view.

Shoukry’s call for non-interference in the crisis echoes remarks by the Sudanese Foreign Ministry on Monday that the current conflict is a “domestic affair” that “needs to be resolved by the Sudanese people".

During an emergency meeting of the Arab League (AL) on Sunday, Sudan's representative to the AL Al-Sadiq Omar Abdullah called on Arab states to mediate in order to reach a calm and peaceful settlement in Sudan "away from international interventions."


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