Staff member at Egyptian embassy in Khartoum sustained injury after gunshot: Foreign ministry

Ahram Online , Sunday 23 Apr 2023

A staff member of the Egyptian embassy in Khartoum has sustained injuries after suffering from a gunshot, said the spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday without giving further details.

Egypt s foreign ministry headquarter. File Photo


In a statement, Ahmed Abu Zeid urged Egyptians in Sudan to exercise the utmost caution amid the ongoing fighting in the country.

Abu Zeid also urged Egyptians currently in Khartoum to remain in their homes until the security situation and violence in the capital abate.

The foreign ministry stated that the situation in Khartoum is being reassessed in coordination with the Sudanese authorities to allow for the evacuation of Egyptians in Khartoum as part of the evacuation strategy for all Egyptians in Sudan.

The ministry also urged Egyptian nationals outside Khartoum to head to the nearest point to them in preparation for evacuation by the Egyptian authorities.

These points are the headquarters of the Egyptian Consulate General in Port Sudan, Red Sea state, (contact number: 00249906398621) or the Wadi Halfa Consulate Office in Wadi Halfa city, Northern state, (contact number: 00249116604033 - 002491118162679).

Embassy staff leave last

In a briefing with reporters, the foreign ministry said that evacuating a number like 10,000 Egyptians in Sudan require careful planning to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation due to ongoing violence in the country.

He stressed that the embassy staff will evacuate after ensuring the safe exit of all Egyptians from Sudan, as was the case in previous evacuations of Egyptian nationals in Libya, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

The Sudanese army, which has been embroiled in deadly clashes with the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) as of last week, said they are coordinating efforts to evacuate foreign citizens and diplomats from Sudan.

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