Egypt urges respect for Libyan institutions and people's will ahead of elections

Ahram Online , Friday 28 Jul 2023

Egypt called for respecting the will of the Libyan people and the autonomy of Libyan institutions from any external dictates or interference ahead of the elections, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Libya parliament. Official website of the parliament


Egypt expresses its complete support for Libya's efforts to find a solution and recognizes the international efforts being made towards this goal, the statement said.

"Egypt affirms the pivotal role of the Libyan House of Representatives and the State Council, as defined in the Skhirat Agreement, in ensuring all necessary frameworks to hold presidential and parliamentary elections simultaneously in Libya as soon as possible," the statement continued.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry called upon all international parties to adhere to these fundamental and essential principles and to respect the will of the Libyan people and their ownership of the political settlement.

It also urged all international parties not to take any actions that would undermine the role of institutions to avoid complicating the situation and hindering the brotherly people of Libya from achieving their aspirations towards stability and sovereignty.

Libya elections have been postponed several times due to disagreements between rival factions. A recent 6+6 committee was formed to draft new electoral laws that the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) approved earlier this week.

Nevertheless, UN Secretary-General Special Representative for Libya Aboulaye Bathily stated that some lingering security challenges remain before holding elections in Libya, including the withdrawal of foreign fighters and armed groups.

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