129 illegal Egyptian migrants trying to enter US rescued in Mexico

Ahram Online , Saturday 19 Aug 2023

129 Egyptian migrants who had been abandoned in a bus during an unauthorized attempt to enter the United States were rescued in Veracruz, Eastern Mexico, according to a report released by the Mexican government on Wednesday.

A photo of the rescued Egyptian and Mauritanian migrants who had been abandoned in a bus in Veracruz, Eastern Mexico during an unauthorized attempt to enter the United States. Source: Mexican Government


The Federal Migration authorities got a call early on Tuesday morning reporting the whereabouts of a passenger bus on the old Las Choapas-Nanchital road. 

When the agents arrived, they confirmed that a total of 137 foreigners who could not prove their regular stay in the Mexican areas had been left on the bus (129 Egyptians and 8 Mauritanians).

According to the report, there were two minors and a family of two among the 129 Egyptians.

According to the article, the foreigners were wearing bracelets with their own names on them during the rescue, which is a telltale sign of human trafficking organizations.

All of the adult foreigners were transported to the Acayucan Migration Station, where they received medical attention in addition to continuing with their administrative immigration process.

The Protection Office for Girls, Boys, and Adolescents (NNA) was informed, and the family and unaccompanied minors were moved to the Girls, Boys, and Adolescents Referral Office. 

Data from the US government that was made public on Friday shows a 33 percent increase in arrests for unlawfully entering the US from Mexico between June and July.

Families travelling with children were more prevalent in July compared to June, virtually doubling the number of arrests to 60,161.

Curbing irregular migration

Egypt has been working to address irregular migration since announcing its first national strategy to do so in 2016.

The plan has several different angles. It includes Law 82/2016, which makes smuggling of migrants a crime and lays forth harsh punishments. In 2022, the law was strengthened, increasing fines and punishing people who commit crimes but do not report them.

The approach also includes measures to increase household incomes and create jobs in the governorates that are the main sources of irregular migrants in order to address the problem's core causes.

As part of its cooperation with Egypt on reducing irregular migration, the EU earlier in June gave 80 million euros to Egypt for border management, search and rescue, and anti-smuggling activities.

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