We will not leave, and we will remain in our land: Palestine President at Cairo Summit for Peace

Ahram Online , Saturday 21 Oct 2023

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned on Saturday against the Israeli attempts to displace Palestinians from Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, stressing, “We will not leave.. We will not leave.. We will not leave and we will remain in our Arab land”.

Mahmoud Abbas
A snap shot of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during his speech in the Cairo Summit for Peace on Saturday 21 October, 2023.

During his speech at the Cairo Summit for Peace, in the presence of President El-Sisi and world leaders, Abbas stated that the Palestinian people are suffering the hardships of the blockade.

"We have been demanding the entry of humanitarian aid since the first day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, but it was met with rejection,” the Palestinian president said.

The Cairo Summit for Peace opening came in conjunction with the opening of the Rafah border crossing to the Gaza Strip, allowing trucks carrying humanitarian aid and medical supplies, provided by multiple regional and international parties, for 2.3 million Palestinians to enter the Gaza Strip.

We demand both adherence to international resolutions to retain the right of the Palestinian people in an independent state and the establishment of the peace process.

“The two-state solution and ending the occupation according to a clear timetable is the solution to the current crisis," Abbas said, calling on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian president also rejected the targeting of civilians by both sides and called for the release of all prisoners and detainees on both sides.

He said the Palestinian people are facing brutal aggression by Israel, warning that the cycle of violence is constantly renewed due to the absence of justice and neglect of the rights of Palestinians.

For his part, El-Sisi reaffirmed in his opening speech Egypt's unwavering support for the Palestinian Cause and suggested a roadmap to end the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza and revive the path of peace.

He criticized the inequality and double standards in dealing with the loss of human lives.

"Where are the values of human civilization that we have built over long millennia and decades? Where is equality of human souls without discrimination or segregation or double standards?" he asked.​

"Egypt condemns, in the clearest terms, the targeting, killing, and intimidation of all peaceful civilians. At the same time, Egypt expresses its deep shock that the world is standing by idly, while the catastrophic humanitarian crisis unfolds," El Sisi said.

The Egyptian president emphasized that these practices, including collective punishment, blockade, starvation, and pressure toward forced displacement, run counter to the principles of international law and the agreements established by the civilized world to prevent such actions.

The Egyptian president also reiterated that Cairo categorically rejects the displacement of Palestinians from their land under any circumstances. 

"Anyone who believes that the Palestinian people, who are proud, steadfast, and resilient, would be willing to abandon their land, even under occupation or bombardment, is mistaken in their understanding of the nature of this people," El- Sisi added.

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