Arab League rejects US draft resolution on Gaza: AL representative

Ahram Online , Tuesday 24 Oct 2023

The Arab League comprehensively rejects the US’s draft resolution in the UN Security Council regarding Israel’s war on Gaza, according to Ambassador Majed Abdel-Fattah, the league’s permanent representative to the UN.

Majed Abdul-Fattah
File Photo: Ambassador Majed Abdul-Fattah, the Permanent Representative of the Arab League to the United Nations.


The Egyptian diplomat’s exclusive remarks to Ahram Online come ahead of a scheduled session of the UNSC set to take place in New York on Tuesday to review the ongoing war.

Abdel-Fattah mentioned that approximately 25 Arab foreign ministers, including those from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria, along the league’s secretary-general, are scheduled to address the session.

The Arab League objected to several points in the draft resolution, including the mischaracterization of Palestinian resistance as terrorism and the attempts to undermine this resistance.

They also objected to the lack of a clear call for an immediate ceasefire, with the text only focusing on ensuring the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid.

The league was also concerned that the language in the resolution blaming Iran for supporting Palestinian resistance could be used in the future to justify the use of force against Iran.

Finally, they opposed the classification of Hamas as a terrorist organization, as it could potentially lead to sanctions or armed actions against any country that deals with them in the future.

Abdel-Fattah said he anticipates that Russia will veto the US resolution during the upcoming vote, which could happen on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The draft resolution, proposed by the US on Saturday, emphasizes Israel’s right to defend itself and demands that Iran halt military support to "militias and terrorist groups threatening peace and security across the region," according to reporting by Reuters.

The draft also calls for the protection of civilians, including the delivery of "continuous, sufficient and unhindered" aid to the Gaza Strip, Reuters added.

The ambassador also referred to a proposal from the Arab League that has been presented to the UN General Assembly. He noted that it includes provisions for an immediate ceasefire, unconditional access to humanitarian aid, and prevention of displacement, whether within or outside Gaza.

The proposal enjoys broad international support, he added, despite US and European pressures to halt the vote, which is scheduled for next Friday.

Abdel-Fattah said he expects the US to present a counterproposal in the General Assembly.

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