Egypt calls Israeli attack on UNRWA’s Fakhoura school in Gaza 'a war crime'

Ahram Online , Saturday 18 Nov 2023

Egypt strongly condemned, in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, the horrifying bombardment by Israeli forces on the UNRWA's Fakhoura school, which killed scores of Palestinians, as “a war crime”.



“This bombardment caused numerous casualties and injuries among Palestinians, marking a new flagrant violation in the series of Israeli violations against civilians in the Gaza Strip.” The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in its statement.

Egypt deems the bombing of the Fakhoura school, which served as a safe haven for hundreds of displaced Palestinians, as another war crime requiring investigation and accountability for its perpetrators.

“Egypt views (the attack) as a deliberate insult to the United Nations, its humanitarian organizations, and their noble humanitarian goals,” the Foreign Ministry said. The ministry reiterated its call to influential international parties and the Security Council to urgently intervene to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip.

This includes enforcing an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, as well as providing necessary protection for Palestinian civilians, said the ministry.

Early estimates from Palestinian officials in Gaza say that about 200 people were killed in the bombing of the UNRWA school.

Al-Azhar on Fakhoura school bombardment: A worldwide failure

The Al-Azhar Observatory issued a statement strongly condemning the Israeli attack on the Fakhoura school, calling it a massacre.

“Gaza has been a test of the humanity we strive to preserve, but everyone has failed this test,” said Al-Azhar, adding that any serious action now cannot change the fact that more than 12,000 people have been martyred, and tens of thousands injured, many of them permanently maimed, due to the use of internationally prohibited weapons against civilians on a daily basis.

"We can no longer keep track of the number of martyrs as it changes every minute," the statement continued. “We have all failed the Gaza test, and the Palestinians have succeeded in exposing the lies of the occupation before the eyes and ears of the world, despite the media and political machinery supporting it.”

"The first of these lies is the myth that the historic people of Palestine sold their land to the Jews decades ago," the statement said, adding that despite Zionist terrorism, there are still over 800,000 Palestinians in northern Gaza who have refused to abandon their land.

“What the world sees today reveals the massacres that took place in 1948, no less bloody, to steal Palestinian lands through terrorism and force them to leave," the observatory concluded.

According to the latest numbers released by Palestinian officials in Gaza, more than 12,000 people, including over 4,500 children, have fallen victim to Israeli attacks. Nearly 4,000 individuals remain under the rubble, and approximately 30,000 are wounded, they added.

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