In Numbers: Egypt’s biggest humanitarian aid convoy heads to Gaza

Ahram Online , Friday 24 Nov 2023

During the “Long Live Egypt-To Support Palestinians” mega event held at Cairo International Stadium, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi gave the green light for the largest humanitarian aid convoy organized by Egypt to head to Gaza.


Here is what we know about the aid and its organizers.

  • The aid convoy is organized by Egypt’s National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW).
  • It consists of more than 500 trucks loaded with 8950 tons of medicines, food, clothes, and blankets destined for Palestine.
  • The convoy, stationed at Cairo International Stadium, will head to the Rafah border crossing to deliver aid to the people of Gaza. 
  • Over 15,000 volunteers from all Egyptian governorates have participated in this initiative.

According to the media centre of the NACDW:

  • The total number of humanitarian, relief, and medical aid convoys received by the Palestinian side from the NACDW since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip reached about 395 trucks.
  • These trucks were loaded with 7825 tons of medicines, medical supplies, clothes, food, and blankets to support the Palestinians in Gaza during the war that resulted in the death of thousands and the injury of many more.
  • The NACDW has so far sent three convoys to Gaza.
  • The first convoy consisted of 108 trucks carrying 1000 tons of food supplies and meats, 40,000 blankets, 80 tents, 50,000 pieces of clothing, and more than 300,000 packs of medicine. The convoy also escorted a medical team covering all specialities and hundreds of volunteers.  
  • The second convoy comprised approximately 185 trucks loaded with 2,444 tons of food, 48,000 blankets and clothes, 458 tons of water, and more than 562,000 boxes of medicines and medical supplies.
  • The third convoy included about 102 trucks loaded with 1,084 tons of food, 54.7 tons of blankets, clothes, and shrouds, around 399.5 tons of water, over 197.6 tons of medicines and medical supplies, 28 tons of baby diapers, and 15 tons of cleaning products.
  • Various entities from the National Alliance participated in these convoys, including the Decent Life Presidential Initiative, Food Bank, Orman Association, Ressala Association, Life Makers Foundation, Sonaa El-Kheir Foundation, Abu El-Anin Foundation, El-Garhy Foundation, Abu Hashima Foundation, El-Araby Foundation, Misr El-Kheir Foundation, Ahl Masr Foundation, Mersal Foundation, Al-Baqiyat Al-Salihat Association,  Baheya Foundation, and Mustafa Mahmoud Association.
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