Erdoğan preparing to visit Egypt: Turkish Ambassador

Amr Yehia , Saturday 2 Dec 2023

Turkish Ambassador to Egypt Salih Mutlu Şen said preparations are ongoing for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Cairo where he will talk with Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi amid high expectations for a renewed chapter in relations between the two countries.

Saleh Mutlu Sen
File Photo: New Turkish Ambassador to Egypt Saleh Mutlu Sen


No date for the visit has been announced, but in remarks late last month, Erdoğan said he was considering a trip to Egypt “as soon as possible.”

Ambassador Şen shared these updates during the national day reception at his residence in Giza, coinciding with the centennial celebration of the Turkish republic.

He highlighted the enduring cultural ties and kinship between Turkey and Egypt. He also emphasized the pivotal role of trade and economy, anticipating increased Turkish investments in Egypt. The ambassador expressed confidence in improving the ease of doing business and strengthening bilateral cooperation.

Addressing regional stability, Ambassador Şen stressed that strong ties between Turkey and Egypt contribute to security and development in the Eastern Mediterranean. He paid tribute to Atatürk, comrades, martyrs, and veterans, expressing his gratitude to them.

However, amid the celebrations, Ambassador Şen expressed concern about the conflict in Gaza, condemning civilian casualties and advocating for an end to bloodshed. He underlined Turkey's commitment to supporting Egypt in delivering humanitarian aid, establishing field hospitals, and contributing to Gaza's reconstruction.

Ambassador Şen commemorated the 100th anniversary of the republic's foundation and the 500th anniversary of the Ottoman Turkish foreign service. He traced Turkey's historical journey, from the Ottoman Empire's ashes to the establishment of a vibrant republic.

Closing his remarks, Ambassador Şen praised the accomplishments of the Turkish nation, emphasizing President Erdoğan's leadership in driving the country's development over the past two decades. He reiterated the president's commitment to the enduring principles of the republic.

Presidents El-Sisi and Erdoğan held an extended meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in India in September, the first such meeting between the two heads of state after their countries resumed diplomatic relations earlier in the summer ending a 10-year rift.

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