Egypt welcomes UN-sponsored mechanism to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza

MENA , Saturday 23 Dec 2023

Egypt welcomed Friday the establishment of an international mechanism for delivering much-needed humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, according to an official statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Security Council
People gather during the Security Council meeting at United Nations headquarters. Photo: AP


Egypt considers the adoption of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution an important and positive step towards alleviating the severe humanitarian suffering affecting Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, Cairo welcomes the appointment of a high-level UN coordinator to facilitate the entry, coordination, monitoring, and verification of aid within the Gaza Strip.

However, the statement noted that it is insufficient on its own because the UNSC resolution did not include a demand for an immediate ceasefire to guarantee the provision of aid and stop the bloodshed in the strip.

It added that the UNSC resolution is in line with a resolution of the recent Arab Islamic Summit, which called for breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip, opening the various corridors for humanitarian access to the Strip, establishing a mechanism to monitor aid shipments under the auspices of the UN to overcome the obstacles placed by Israel on the entry of aid.

Moreover, the statement reiterates Egypt's full rejection of all attempts to forcibly displace Palestinians. It also demands parties adhere to international law by refraining from targeting civilians or humanitarian aid.

The resolution leaves no choice for the international community but to fulfil its obligations to stop the suffering of Gazans amid continuous Israeli bombing, siege, and displacement, the statement explained.

The ministry reiterated that Egypt continues to work closely with international parties to reach a complete ceasefire that preserves the lives of Palestinian civilians, reduces the impact of the humanitarian crisis, and re-launches a serious peace process that leads to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders within the two-state solution.

The UNSC approved Friday a much-delayed resolution that will bring more aid into Gaza and that will allow the "safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance at scale."

After days of delays, the resolution also called for the creation of "conditions for a sustainable cessation of hostilities" but it did not call for an immediate end to fighting.

Russia and the United States, which both could have vetoed the measure as permanent members of the council, abstained, meaning it passed with 13 votes in favor.

The Israeli army continued its 78-day assault on Gaza on Saturday, killing dozens in shelling across the strip.

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