Israel's crime on Palestinian territory goes beyond a genocidal war: Abbas

Ahram Online , Tuesday 26 Dec 2023

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel's offensive on Palestinian territory is beyond a genocidal war while happening in full view of all the world.

Lamis and Abu mazen


“Our people never witnessed such a war even in the 1948 Nakba [catastrophe]. What is happening is bigger than a new Nakba [catastrophe],” Abbas said, in his first interview since the war broke out, with Egyptian satellite TV channel ON,  decrying how the US vetoes all UN bids to stop hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

“Every time the world, the Security Council, and the United Nations General Assembly seek to stop this war, the US responds with a veto, refusing to cease the fighting,” he added.

"A grave crime has been committed against the Palestinian people for 79 days, not only in Gaza but across the entire West Bank and Jerusalem,” Abbas said.

He added that the Israeli war is not over yet, even though more than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed and over 60,000 have been wounded, while between 7,000 and 10,000 are still missing under the rubbles in Gaza.

The occupied West Bank -- where Israel has killed and detained a dozen civilians as part of its campaign on the Palestinian territory since 7 October -- is “ripe for an explosion at any time,” warned Abbas.

The Israeli occupation, he added, wants – with the support of the US –  to deport the residents of Gaza and the West Bank, with the aim of “eliminating the Palestinian cause.”

“At just one signal from the US, Israel will stop this,” he stressed.

The Palestinian president called for an end to the fighting everywhere, allowing uninterrupted access to humanitarian aid and relief in the besieged Gaza Strip and preventing the expulsion of Palestinians.

“They are working to push the Palestinians towards Sinai,” he noted while expressing his appreciation for the Egyptian stance that rejects any such idea.

Abbas said the Palestinians are ready for all solutions premised on the establishment of a Palestinian state that includes Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem as per the relevant international agreements.

However, he doubts Israel's willingness to engage on such a track, saying it seeks to seize parts of Gaza permanently.

Abbas revealed that a meeting of Palestinian leaders with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar will be held soon to discuss future steps.

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