Russia assumes BRICS chairmanship, Egypt's membership activated

Amr Yehia , Tuesday 2 Jan 2024

Russia assumed on Monday the chairmanship of the BRICS group in 2024, which now compromises 10 countries following its expansion during the 15th BRICS summit last August.

Russian President Vladimir Putin


Egypt, Iran, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia's full memberships in the BRICS group were activated on Monday.

In his speech on the occasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia looks forward to fruitful work with all BRICS countries, planning to hold over 200 BRICS-related events at various levels in many Russian cities.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Embassy in Cairo, Putin invited all countries to cooperate with the group, indicating that the Russian chairmanship of the BRICS group will work under the slogan: "Strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security."

Furthermore, Putin said that the Russian chairmanship of the BRICS in 2024 will work with a special focus on constructive cooperation with all countries concerned.

“We are making all our efforts to contribute to the harmonious integration of new participants into the group’s operating mode, in order to preserve traditions and based on the experience that the group has gained in previous years," Putin said.

The Russian president added: "We will take into account the readiness of many other countries, reaching 30 countries, to join the BRICS, and its multidimensional agenda. For this, we will begin intensive work to crystallize the new category of the partner countries in the BRICS."

Furthermore, he added that they will place special focus on increasing foreign policy coordination of the participating countries and jointly search for effective responses to the challenges and threats to international and regional security and stability.

For its part, the Russian embassy in Cairo welcomed Egypt's accession to the BRICS group, affirming the continued cooperation with Egypt in order to deepen the bilateral partnership between both countries.

BRICS was formed in 2006 and initially included Brazil, Russia, India and China. South Africa joined the intergovernmental organization in 2011.

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