Sisi refused to receive a phone call from Netanyahu: Israeli TV channel

Ahram Online , Wednesday 24 Jan 2024

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has recently refused to receive a call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, Israeli TV channel 13 claimed on Wednesday.



The Israeli TV channel said, citing two Israeli sources familiar with the issue, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office had requested, through the Israeli National Security Council, a conversation with Egyptian President El-Sisi, who refused to take the call. 

The channel added that a source in Netanyahu's office confirmed the details and that the office has not officially commented on the incident.

Similarly, the Egyptian presidency has made no official comment on what happened.

The Israeli TV channel 13 stated that the attempt to arrange a call between El-Sisi and Netanyahu comes amid disagreements between Israel and Egypt over a possible Israeli military operation along the Philadelphi corridor and Rafah.

According to the Israeli TV channel, the last reported conversation between El-Sisi and Netanyahu took place in June after the shooting incident at the border between the two countries and months before the start of the war on Gaza.

For the past several weeks, Netanyahu has declared that the Israeli army would re-occupy and control the Philadelphi Corridor – a 100-metre-wide buffer zone stretching 14 kilometres along the Egypt-Gaza border -- as part of the Israeli military operation.

Egyptian officials have rejected the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement, stressing repeatedly that the Israeli retake of the border corridor would constitute a breach of the annexes of the Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty signed in Washington in 1979.

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