Egypt urges Israel to immediately implement ICJ's Gaza ruling

Ahram Online , Friday 26 Jan 2024

Egypt welcomed the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Friday in The Hague demanding Israel take several immediate measures to protect Palestinians in Gaza, urging Israel to implement them.

ICJ President Joan Donoghue (C) speaks at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) prior to the verdict announcement in the genocide case against Israel, brought by South Africa, in The Hague on January 26, 2024. AFP


Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued its statement on Friday shortly following the issuing of the court’s judgment that ordered Israel to do all it can to prevent genocide but stopped short of calling for a ceasefire. 

The foreign ministry pointed to the court’s key demands on Israel, including taking all necessary measures to prevent the killing of Palestinians, infliction of physical or psychological harm upon them, or subjection to living conditions intended to bring about their material destruction.

Additionally, the court demanded that Israel ensure the immediate provision of urgent humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.

The statement expressed that Egypt had expected the ICJ would also demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, similar to its rulings in comparable situations.

Egypt sees a ceasefire as the most important measure to protect Palestinian civilians, the statement said.

The statement emphasized the necessity of respecting and implementing the decisions of the ICJ as the principal judicial body of the United Nations.

Furthermore, Egypt urged Israel to immediately implement all measures outlined in the decision.

These measures represent the beginning of the process to enforce the rules of international law and humanitarian law to protect the Palestinian people, the statement read.

Egypt reiterated its call to the United Nations Security Council and influential international parties to take responsibility in unequivocally demanding a comprehensive and permanent cessation of hostilities.

Egypt also reaffirmed its commitment to resolving the conflict in collaboration with the United Nations and regional and international stakeholders.

The country aims to prevent the forced displacement of Palestinians and ensure timely access to humanitarian and relief aid to meet the needs of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the statement added.

Israel’s war on Gaza has killed more than 26,000 innocent civilians, two-thirds of them women and children, according to the latest figures provided by the Palestinian Ministry of Health

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