Egypt strongly condemns terrorist attack on Jordanian post on Syria border

Mohamed Hamouda , Monday 29 Jan 2024

Egypt has strongly condemned the terrorist attack, which occurred on Sunday evening, on a Jordanian post located on the border with Syria, resulting in the death of three American soldiers and injuries to several members of the US military forces stationed at the site.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


In a statement released on Sunday, Egypt affirmed its firm condemnation of any terrorist acts that pose a threat to the security and stability of Jordan, expressing its full solidarity with Jordan during this critical time.

Egypt also extended its sincere condolences to the United States and the families of the victims, wishing a speedy recovery to those injured.

Furthermore, it emphasized the need to confront and reject all forms of terrorism and violence for regional stability.

The drone attack targeted a military outpost in Jordan known as Tower 22 near the Al-Tanf garrison, situated across the Syrian border. The attack has claimed the lives of three US soldiers and left at least 34 others injured.

The garrison houses a few hundred US army personnel deployed there for anti-ISIS operations.

While the US military reported the attack occurred in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border, Jordanian government spokesman Muhannad Mubaidin stated that it took place on the Syrian side of the border. He condemned the "terrorist attack," affirming Jordan’s resolute commitment to confronting those attempting to breach its security.

US President Joe Biden blamed the attack on Iran-backed militants operating in Syria and Iraq, vowing retaliation.

“We will carry on their commitment to fight terrorism. And have no doubt we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing,” Biden said.

This incident marks the first instance of American troops being killed in the Middle East since the eruption of the Israeli attacks in Gaza. While there have been over 150 attacks on US military sites in Iraq and Syria over the past few months, most of these attempts were unsuccessful and resulted in no serious injuries, according to the Pentagon.

The attack is a message to the American administration, said Hamas' Spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri in a statement on Sunday, adding that the ongoing American-Zionist aggression on Gaza risks a regional explosion.

Since 7 October, Israel's aggression on Gaza has killed over 26,422 Palestinians and injured 65,087, with the majority being women and children, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza on Sunday.

This brutal military campaign has caused widespread destruction in the Palestinian territory and displaced more than 80 percent of its 2.3 million population, making it one of the most devastating military campaigns in recent history.

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