Egypt offers new certification programme boosting skilled labour exports to Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Hamouda , Monday 29 Jan 2024

Minister of Labour Hassan Shehata announced on Monday the start of a professional certification programme tht aims to increase the number of skilled Egyptian workers working in Saudi Arabia.

Egypt's Ministry of Labour


The certificates will give credibility to Egyptian workers seeking employment abroad and help combat forged certificates, according to a statement by the ministry. 

The certification programme is the result of an agreement signed between the two countries last October intended to help Egyptian workers meet Saudi requirements established by its Professional Accreditation System.

The minister expressed confidence in the programme's success, underscoring Egypt's proficiency in training workers to meet the needs of domestic and international labour markets.

The programme is a milestone in Egyptian-Saudi relations that will boost the Saudi labour market's quality and productivity, he added.

What we know about the Professional Examination Programme:

  • The program introduces professional assessment tests for six occupations, including plumbing, electrical work, automotive mechanics, carpentry, and welding.
  • Applications for the program are made online at this link.
  • Professional examination certificates are valid for five years.
  • Certificates are free.
  • Examinations take place at the vocational training centre in Boulaq El-Dakrour.
  • Testing for electrical and plumbing occupations is scheduled every Monday, while welding and carpentry tests occur every Tuesday, and automotive mechanics every Wednesday, all at 11 am on their respective days.
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