Biden should stop Israeli massacres in Gaza not peddle false claims against Egypt on Rafah crossing: National Dialogue

Ahram Online , Saturday 10 Feb 2024

The Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue affirmed on Saturday its complete rejection of the statements of US President Joseph Biden with incorrect claims about Egypt’s position on opening the Rafah crossing from the Egyptian side to the under-Israeli siege Gaza Strip.

File Photo: An aid truck returns after unloading humanitarian aid at Egypt s Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip on December 4, 2023. AFP


In a statement, the trustee board explained: "The crossing was not closed by Egypt at any time since the start of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza, or before, is a fact known to everyone."

"It is odd and striking that the president of the largest country in the world is unaware of or is misinformed on the facts," read the statement.

The trustee board said: "What is now required of the American President is not to publish what is not true about the Egyptian role - but rather to use his country’s close relations with Israel to stop its bloody aggression against Gaza and prevent it from a ground assault on the area that is housing 1.3 million displaced Palestinians."

The statement asked the US President "to visit the Gaza Strip to see with his own eyes the extent of the largest humanitarian catastrophe in contemporary global history committed by his ally Israel, instead of making such incorrect statements, and perhaps then try to stop this crime.

On Thursday, the Egyptian Presidency responded in a statement to claims made by US President Joe Biden on Thursday that Egypt was reluctant to open the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza to allow aid to reach the strip's residents.

The Presidency affirmed that the crossing has been open from its side since the start of the war while blaming Israel for making the crossing inaccessible and unsafe for aid convoys after its earlier shelling of the Palestinian side of the crossing

Since the start of the Israeli aggression and blockade against Gaza on 7 October, Cairo has facilitated the entry of thousands of trucks from multiple countries carrying humanitarian aid to 2.4 million Palestinians under siege in the strip. 

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