Sisi, Biden discuss efforts to reach truce in Gaza war

Ahram Online , Thursday 29 Feb 2024

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and US President Joe Biden discussed on Thursday the joint efforts of Egypt, Qatar, and the US to calm the situation in Gaza, reach a ceasefire, exchange prisoners, and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid to the strip.

Egypt s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and US President Joe Biden
Combined images of (From L to R) Egypt s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and US President Joe Biden.


During a phone call, El-Sisi stressed to Biden the need to reach an immediate and sustainable ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to allow Palestinian civilians unhindered access to sufficient aid to mitigate the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by Israel's war of aggression on the strip. 

Furthermore, El-Sisi warned of the dangerous consequences of military escalation and targeting of civilians, affirming Egypt’s strong condemnation of targeting defenceless civilians in clear violation of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy.

According to the Egyptian Presidential Spokesperson Ahmed Fahmy, the US President expressed appreciation for the ongoing joint efforts to reach a truce, which, he said, should take precedence to restore stability in the region.

In addition, Biden praised Egypt's intense political efforts to reach a truce and its pioneering role in providing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza through the Rafah border crossing.

According to Fahmy, both presidents also stressed the need to avoid the expansion of the conflict in the region, and they agreed to continue consultation and coordination to ensure the restoration of peace and security.

They also discussed strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries and ways to enhance relations between Egypt and the US.

Egypt strongly condemned the inhumane Israeli targeting of a crowd of defenseless Palestinian civilians who were waiting for the arrival of humanitarian aid trucks at the Nabulsi roundabout in northern Gaza, which killed and injured hundreds of Palestinians.


On Thursday, at least 112 people were killed and more than 760 injured after Israeli jetfighters and tanks opened fire on civilians gathered at an aid distribution point in the Palestinian territory.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the targeting of peaceful citizens rushing to collect their share of humanitarian aid was a shameful crime, a clear violation of the provisions of international law and international humanitarian law, and a disregard for the value of the human being and the sanctity of his soul. 

The ministry further called on the major international parties, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), especially the member states impeding the council’s ability to stipulate a ceasefire, to bear their humanitarian, moral and legal responsibility for halting the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip.

It also urged the UNSC member States to provide protection for the Palestinian people and pressure Israel into complying with the provisions of international law and assuming its responsibilities as the occupying power, as well as hold the perpetrators of these violations accountable.

As conflicting signals on the Gaza truce deal continue, officials from Israel, Hamas, and Qatar have expressed caution regarding Biden's optimism for a potential captive-for-ceasefire agreement in Gaza by the end of this week as negotiators strive to secure a deal.

Israel, whose brutal war on the Gaza Strip enters its 145th day, faces growing international pressure to agree to a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Israeli army has killed, to date, nearly 30,000 and wounded over 70,000 since 7 October, most of whom are women and children.

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