Egypt urges defusing disputes in neighbouring African countries

MENA , Ahram Online , Friday 5 Apr 2024

Egypt’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the Permanent Representative to the African Union Mohamed Gad underscored the necessity of coordinating efforts to defuse disputes in Africa, particularly in neighbouring countries, to boost regional peace and security.

File photo: An African Union session. AFP
File photo: An African Union session. AFP


The diplomat’s remarks came during his speech at the African Union’s (AU) Peace and Security Council (PSC) meeting on Thursday.

Gad reviewed Egypt’s vision for enhancing peace and security in Africa, stressing that security challenges in the continent require further efforts by the African Union Commission.

The ambassador highlighted the need to combat terrorism and the spread of armed disputes in several African countries.

In February, Egypt was elected as a member of the PSC for the 2024-2026 term, receiving an overwhelming majority of 44 out of 46 votes in the elections.

The PSC has been the African Union's (AU) decision-making body since 2004. It is responsible for preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts.

The PSC consists of 15 non-permanent members elected by the AU Executive Council, including ten members elected for two-year terms and five members elected for five-year terms.

Egypt previously held the monthly chairmanship of the council in November 2021 and October 2020. 

The country also secured membership in the PSC for the 2020-2022 term.

During its latest chairmanship of the PSC in November 2021, Egypt called for increased African coordination to combat terrorism and urged collective solutions to build a safe, stable, and prosperous Africa.

The PSC's new composition will be facing intense challenges, including the ongoing conflict in Sudan, where thousands of people have been killed and injured in less than a year.

The PSC will also be required to address the fresh spat between Ethiopia and Somalia after the breakaway region of Somaliland struck a controversial deal with Ethiopia, giving Addis Ababa access to the Red Sea.

On Thursday, Somalia's government ordered the expulsion of Ethiopia's ambassador and the closure of two consulates, accusing Addis Ababa of "bluntly interfering" in its internal affairs.

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