Egypt provides 70% of int’l aid to Gaza: Rights mission

MENA , Sunday 7 Apr 2024

A joint human rights mission to document war crimes in Gaza revealed that 70 percent of the international aid provided to the strip until early March came from Egypt.

Humanitarian aid is airdropped to Palestinians over Gaza City, Gaza Strip. AP


Egypt has been delivering aid to Gaza via ground crossings since the war began on 7 October, along with conducting several airdrops.

It has also established a logistics hub on the Egyptian side of Rafah to receive aid from Egypt, foreign countries, and regional and international organizations.

The mission groups are the Arab Organization for Human Rights and the Palestinian Mezan Centre for Human Rights.

The organizations thanked the Egyptian authorities in a press conference on Saturday for their prompt response in licensing the mission and facilitating its initial phase.

The mission also expressed gratitude for the great cooperation of Egyptian official health institutions and the Egyptian Red Crescent Society.

Women, children casualties

Israel has killed at least 33,175 Palestinians and injured 75,886 since the start of the war.

According to the mission, all the wounded individuals were non-combatant civilians, 29 percent of whom were children and women.

They were in densely populated civilian areas, which did not receive prior warnings of being targeted, including shelters bearing the UN flag and coordinates communicated to the occupying forces.

Israel is using aid restrictions as a war weapon against civilians in the strip, the mission said.

"The insistence of the occupation authorities on transferring aid for inspection remains under their control, wasting the mandate of specialized United Nations agencies. This supports the occupation's plan to harm civilians in the Gaza Strip," it added.

The mission emphasized the UN Security Council’s responsibility to stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza, especially by implementing the precautionary measures issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

It has also called upon all human rights groups to take action against Israel's genocidal war before national judicial authorities, especially in countries that continue to supply Israel with weapons as well as security and intelligence support, the mission added.

Imposing a ceasefire is a necessity dictated by the provisions of international law and by the methodology of implementing the ICJ measures, the joint mission concluded.

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