Egypt seeks cooperation with five-nation group to end presidential vacuum in Lebanon: Amb

MENA , Sunday 21 Apr 2024

Egyptian Ambassador in Beirut Alaa Moussa asserted on Sunday that Egypt seeks to cooperate with members of the five-nation group to swiftly end the presidential vacuum in Lebanon and help implement necessary economic reforms.



Moussa made his remarks following a meeting with the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, and the US, which compose the five-nation group on Lebanon.

The meeting - hosted by the Egyptian ambassador - was also attended by several representatives from the Lebanese parliamentary blocs.

The meeting touched on the outcome of intensive meetings held by ambassadors of the five-nation group over the past week with various political and parliamentary blocs.

The ambassador said that Egypt is keen to guarantee that the efforts exerted by the five-nation group will support Lebanon's sovereignty and independence in its national decisions.

Lebanon has endured a presidential vacuum since October 2022 as it grapples with a financial crisis - dubbed by the World Bank as one of the worst in modern history - with a currency in free fall and soaring poverty rates.

The five-nation group, launched in 2023 to stabilize the country has previously held coordination meetings in Beirut at the level of senior officials of the foreign ministries and ambassadors of the five countries.

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