NACDW dispatches seventh humanitarian aid convey to Gaza

Zeinab El-Gundy , Monday 22 Apr 2024

Egypt’s National Alliance for Civil and Development Work (NACDW) dispatched its seventh humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza on Monday with more than 167 trucks.

convoy of several Trucks
A convoy of several Trucks carrying supplies sent by Egypt s National Alliance for Civil and Development Work heading to Gaza on Monday 22 April, 2024. Photo courtesy of Egypt s National Alliance for Civil and Development Work.


According to the NACDW, the trucks are loaded with over 2,215 tons of food; around 97 tons of medicines, baby formula, medical supplies, and wheelchairs; 65 tons of tents, mattresses, and pillows; over 143 tons of clothes, blankets, and shoes; and over 380 tons of water.

The convoy was prepared by member organizations in the NACDW, including Al-Orman, the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) and Mersal, to help Palestinians in Gaza endure the burdens of the war, which resulted in over 33,000 deaths and over 76,000 injured.

The first convoy organized by the NACDW for Gaza was in early October 2023.

The NACDW was launched in Egypt in March 2022 and comprises more than 30 associations, civil society organizations, and service and developmental entities.

According to Egyptian news reports, from the first of April until Sunday, the Rafah Crossing witnessed the entry of nearly 3,600 trucks loaded with food and medical aid through the Kerem Abu Salem and Rafah land crossings.

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