Egypt calls for a decisive stance against liquidation of Palestinian cause at Islamic summit

Ahram Online , Sunday 5 May 2024

Egypt called on Saturday at the Islamic summit in Banjul for a decisive stance against the “delusion of liquidating the Palestinian cause” through the forced displacement of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza.



Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry made the call during his statement at the 15th session of the Islamic Summit Conference in Banjul.

In his speech, Shoukry affirmed that the resilient Palestinian people, alongside the Islamic, Arab, and free peoples around the world, "have not and will not accept the expulsion of landowners from their occupied land in violation of all international conventions."

He said that the Palestinian cause was central to the establishment of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 1969, adding that Muslims across the world hope for a day when everyone in Jerusalem lives in peace.

Egypt condemns, in the strong terms, the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the foreign minister stated.

In addition, it appreciates the role played by the OIC in supporting the Palestinian cause, especially through the vigorous efforts of the Arab Islamic Ministerial Contact Committee established by the Riyadh Summit, he added.

Shoukry emphasized the importance of working toward stopping the brutal aggression and implementing UNSCR 2720 to ensure the delivery of aid to Gaza.

He warned against Israel's invasion of Rafah, home to nearly one and a half million Palestinian refugees, pointing out that Egypt has provided the lion's share of aid to Gaza, with relief support flowing from Islamic countries.

"To achieve lasting and just peace, there is no alternative to establishing an independent Palestinian state along the 4 June 1967, lines with its capital in East Jerusalem,” Shoukry said.

The widening of the conflict to the Red Sea and elsewhere is a clear indication that Israel's rejection of peace will lead to unprecedented threats to the entire region, he added.

Shoukry emphasized the need to confront double standards, saying: "International obligations, including International Court of Justice resolutions, must be enforceable in all cases.

“Yet, Gaza has witnessed a disregard for all conventions, proving that some believe legal rules apply to some and not to all, which we reject categorically. Turning a blind eye and applying double standards ignite extremists' flames of bigotry and terrorism in opposition to dialogue and tolerance concepts,” he concluded.

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