Egypt warns of the dangers of the Israeli military operation in Palestinian Rafah

Ahram Online , Monday 6 May 2024

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday warned of the dangers of a possible Israeli military operation in the Palestinian Rafah area in the south of the Gaza Strip.



According to the foreign ministry, any such military operation would pose significant humanitarian risks and threaten more than a million Palestinians in that area.

Egypt called on Israel to exercise the utmost restraint and avoid further escalation at this sensitive time during ceasefire negotiations, and to stop the shedding of Palestinian civilian blood who have been facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

The statement reaffirmed Egypt’s continued communication around the clock with all parties to prevent the situation from worsening or spiralling out of control.

Earlier Monday, the Israeli army announced that it would evacuate 100,000 Palestinians from east Rafah before beginning its ground operation.

Egypt, Qatar and the US have been mediating in truce talks between Israel and Hamas.

The last round of talks ended in Cairo on Sunday as the Hamas delegation left for Doha to consult with the movement's leadership in Qatar.

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