Int'l community must intervene to stop outrageous Israel war on Gaza: President Sisi to Arab summit in Manama

Ahram Online , Thursday 16 May 2024

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has called on the international community and all acting parties to cooperate "to save the future, before it is too late,” and put an immediate end to the outrageous Israeli war against the Palestinians and establish their independent state.

President Sisi addresses the 33rd Arab Summit in Manama. Al-Qahera News


Addressing the 33rd session of the Arab League Summit in Bahrain Thursday, El-Sisi lamented the absence of the genuine international political will to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and address the roots of the conflict through the two-state solution.

"The rights of the tens of thousands of children of Palestine who were killed in Gaza will remain a sword weighing heavy on the world's conscience until justice is done," El-Sisi said.

He noted that Egypt has engaged in ceasefire talks to save the “region from falling into a deep abyss” and that it found no “genuine international political will to end the occupation and address the root causes of the conflict through the two-state solution.”

Instead, according to El-Sisi, Egypt "found Israel continuing to evade its responsibilities and the efforts made to reach a ceasefire and even pressing ahead with its rejected military operation in Rafah and attempting to use the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip."

He reiterated Egypt’s "unwavering position in rejecting the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, the forced displacement of the Palestinians, and the Israeli approach of creating facts on the ground to make Gaza uninhabitable so Israel could expel the Palestinians from their land."

“Those who believe that security and military solutions guarantee their interests or peace are deluded,” El-Sisi asserted, noting that “similarly, those who think that brinkmanship yields benefit or gains are demonstrably mistaken.”

The Egyptian president pointed out that the fate of the Middle East region and its peoples’ resources are “far too significant to be entrusted to warmongers or advocates of zero-sum games.”

Despite the current conditions, the president said, Egypt still hopes the voices of reason, justice and truth will ultimately prevail and save the region from endless waves of wars and bloodshed.

The Egyptian President also pointed out that justice is indivisible and that the lives of the Palestinian people are as precious as those of any other.

He emphasized that the faith of all peoples in the world in the justice of the international order is facing an unprecedented test, warning of the potentially devastating repercussions of the current situation on global peace, security and stability.

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