Amr Moussa calls on all EU nations to quickly recognize the Palestinian state

Ahram Online , Thursday 23 May 2024

Egypt's former foreign minister Amr Moussa urged all EU nations to follow the lead of Norway, Ireland, and Spain and quickly recognize the State of Palestine.

File Photo: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa. Photo: Mohamad Maher


“I call on the European Union countries to get out of the cage and promptly recognize an independent and effective Palestinian state,” he wrote on X on Thursday.

Moussa urged the Arab League to formally address the African Union, European Union, and the Organization of American States to recognize the Palestinian state, saying “Let’s strike while the iron is hot.”

He said the recognition of the Palestine state by three European countries represents a relaunch of the peace process in the Middle East from a true perspective: the state first, then its details.

Moussa, who served as Egypt’s foreign minister from 1991 to 2001 and the secretary-general of the Arab League for the following decade, stressed that the right of the establishment of the Palestinian state is non-negotiable.

He admitted that the matter is not that easy, as Israel rejects the establishment of Palestinian statehood and receives support, in this respect, from those who propose to negotiate with Israel regarding the establishment of the Palestinian state.

“This means giving Israel the right to veto against the establishment of the state, so this must be exposed globally.”

However, he pointed out that the step taken by Norway, Ireland, and Spain represents an important Western shift against a possible veto of the Palestinian statehood.

So far, 142 UN member countries, out of 193, have recognized the Palestinian State. This group includes many nations, mostly from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It does not, however, include the United States, Canada, most Western European countries, Australia, Japan, or South Korea.

In April, the United States used its veto power in the UN Security Council to block a Palestinian effort to achieve full UN membership.

In early May, the UN General Assembly passed an Arab-proposed draft resolution by a more than two-thirds majority to reconsider and support Palestine's UN membership

The resolution grants Palestine several rights within the UN General Assembly, such as introducing and co-sponsoring proposals and amendments and raising procedural motions. It also grants Palestine a seat among member states and other privileges.


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