In Photos: Renovated 70-year-old Royal Train arrives in Alexandria

Ahram Online , Sunday 12 Jun 2022

The Egyptian National Railway Authority (NRA) announced on Sunday that the Royal Train, which was manufactured in the mid 1920s by Italy’s Fiat, arrived in Alexandria after it was renovated to its original condition to be displayed in the Montaza Historical Museum.

King Farouk I train


The Royal Train was placed at the garden of the Montazah Palace, next to the first tram coach in the history of Alexandria.

A statement by the authority said that to prove the success of the extensive renovation process, the train ran to the Mediterranean governorate on the Cairo-Alexandria railway line instead of being shipped on giant trucks.

It also noted that the train underwent a comprehensive overhaul in ERMAS workshops — one of the largest workshops in terms of specialising in the overhaul of locomotives — where it was restored to its original condition while preserving its ancient archaeological character and historic form.

The Royal Train belonged to king Farouk — the last monarch of Egypt before it became a democratic republic — was designed by Fiat in 1950 and was dubbed the ‘Express Diesel’ at the time.

The train consists of two cars that can accommodate 40 passengers and is equipped with comfortable portable seats that can swivel to face other passengers. This is in addition to a royal salon where king Farouk met and welcomed his guests.

It also houses a kitchen, 12 telephones, and a cockpit.

Egypt’s railway sector is the second oldest in the world, with 9,570 kilometres of track running across the country transporting more than 500 million passengers annually.

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