Two tourists killed, others injured in bus collision in southern Egypt

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Thursday 1 Dec 2022

A tourist bus collided with a truck on a highway in southern Egypt on Thursday morning, killing at least two people, a tourist from China and one from Italy, and injuring five others, including two Egyptians and three foreigners.

A file photo of a road accident in Egypt


The accident occurred on the Aswan-Abu Simbel Road, some 290 km southwest of Aswan, provincial authorities said. The bus, which was carrying tourists from different countries, flipped over as a result of the collision.

At least five other people were injured, including two from Italy, one from Spain, and two from Egypt; the driver and his assistant. They were all taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The injuries include suspected brain hemorrhage, fractures, bruises and abrasions.

The cause of the collision is not immediately clear.

The Aswan-Abu Simbel highway witnessed fatal accidents over the past few months.

In July, a bus coming from Sudan collided with a truck, killing nine people, including five from Sudan, and injuring 43 people, including 40 Sudanese citizens and three Egyptians.

In April, a truck and a tourist bus collided on the Upper Egyptian highway, killing 10 people – five Egyptians, four French and one Belgian.

In December 2021, a head-on crash between two buses on the Abu Simbel-Aswan highway killed six people, including a Sudanese citizen, and injured 46 others.

However, Egypt has witnessed a steady decline in the number of road accidents in recent years in parallel with national efforts to improve the country’s road network through the National Road Project that was launched in 2014.

Egypt saw a 9.3 percent drop in road accident injuries in 2021 compared to 2020, the Egyptian state’s statistical agency CAPMAS said in a report issued in August 2022.

Traffic injuries nationwide in 2021 reached 51,511, down from 56,789 in 2020, according to the report.

However, CAPMAS said that road accidents in 2021 claimed the lives of 7,101 people nationwide, up from the 6,164 deaths recorded a year prior, a 15.2 percent increase.

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