Egypt’s 4th high-speed Talgo train to run Cairo-to-Aswan daily from Wednesday

Aya Gamal, Tuesday 28 Mar 2023

The fourth high-speed Spanish Talgo train in Egyptian service will start making daily runs on Wednesday along the Cairo-Aswan line, according to the Egyptian National Railways Authority (ENRA).



These trains are part of a 157-million-euro contract signed with the Spanish giant in 2019, which included the provision of seven new trains, one of which was a gift.

Three Talgo trains are already in daily operation; two on Cairo-Alexandria line and one on Cairo-Aswan line.

Egypt is expected to receive the fifth train by the end of the week, the ENRA added.

The new trains are made of aluminum, which reduces their weight and helps reduce the train’s fuel consumption during the journey. They are also resistant to rust and therefore will not corrode from the water used to clean the trains, which extends their life spans.

For people with special needs, each seat of the first air-conditioned carriages is equipped with a display screen to display information, in addition to the presence of central screens in the second-class air-conditioned carriages. The carriages are also fitted with surveillance cameras for security.

The Talgo trains procured by Egypt have a commercial speed of 160 km/h and can accommodate 490 passengers.

The agreement with Talgo is part of a broader government plan by the Egyptian government to replace all old railcars with either upgraded or new ones, to ensure better services for users.

The Ministry of Transport signed last Wednesday a protocol with Talgo to manufacture railway passenger carriage domestically as the country seeks to localise heavy industries and mobile units in order to turn Egypt into one of the major industrial nations in this field.


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