Afflicted Nile cruise ship had been out of service since 2010: Tourism official

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 30 Aug 2023

The Tivoli Nile cruise ship and floating hotel that partially sank in Luxor on Tuesday had not been in operation for over a decade, according to an official from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Photo of the partially sank Tivoli Nile Cruise in Nile Corniche in Luxor.
Photo of the partially sank Tivoli Nile Cruise in Nile Corniche in Luxor.


Mohamed Amer, head of the Central Administration for Hotels, Shops and Tourist Activities at the tourism ministry, confirmed that the floating hotel’s licence had not been renewed.

It had not received any guests for more than 13 years, Amer added.

He pointed out that the accident happened while the hotel was being renovated in anticipation of the winter tourism season, when it was planned that it would start receiving guests again.

However, the boat was still awaiting inspection and had not yet received any of the required licences to begin operation.

In a separate statement, the Ministry of Transport’s General Authority for River Transport shed more light on the incident.

After the ship had been repaired and renovated on land, the authority issued the ship a temporary docking permit so that it could be inspected and obtain an operating license.

However, while docked, the floating hotel began listing to one side, which caused it to come to rest on the riverbed without completely sinking, they added.

The authority pointed out that the accident will be investigated to determine its cause.

According to the Luxor governorate, two workers were killed in the accident.

The navigation along the Nile course was operating normally.

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