600 Egyptian doctors dead since start of the pandemic: Egypt's Medical Syndicate

Zeinab El-Gundy , Sunday 26 Sep 2021

Egypt's Medical Syndicate announced on Sunday that, according to its official tally, 600 Egyptian doctors have passed away due to the coronavirus.

Egypt s Doctors syndicate
Egypt s Doctors syndicate

On Sunday evening, the syndicate mourned the passing of Dr. Rafat El-Siyad Ali, an internal medicine consultant who worked at the Arab Organisation for Industry Hospital in Cairo.

The syndicate added that Ali was its 600th member to pass away since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Egypt.

Egypt lost its first doctor in the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

In previous statements to Ahram Online, syndicate officials stated that the number of Egyptian doctors who passed away in the last two years could be more than the syndicate’s official death toll, since they only count the victims that are reported by family members or the subsidiary syndicates of other governorates.

To date, Egypt has recorded 300,945 cases of COVID-19, including 254,060 recoveries and 17,149 fatalities.

According to health officials, the country is currently going through its fourth wave of the virus and that it will reach its peak within three to four weeks.

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